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Assessment and Reporting


Bald Hills State School teachers are required to report on student progress twice a year. We enjoy this opportunity to present to parents the progress students have made in classes, and to provide information so parents and students can participate in the next cycle of learning with information about what we have just achieved, and what we might learn next.

Teachers and students use assessment for three purposes at Bald Hills State School;
  1. Diagnostic
  2. Formative
  3. Summative
We diagnose where to start, form an opinion of how we are progressing, and sum up how far we got over a period of time.
There are so many kinds of assessment, and they are useful only in how well the information is used once gathered. The last sections of our Whole School Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Plan (link to the right) clearly schedules when and what we assess, and staff are skilled at making judgements about how a child is making progress against their goals, and measured in comparisons to children of a similar age.
Students are assessed against standards that have been developed nationally. Parents can access in-depth explanations of this work through Australian and Queensland curriculum sites, and samples of these are provided through the links on the right of this page.
Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority
National Testing (NAPLAN)
Each year Australian Year 3, 5, 7 & 9 students participate in a nation-wide assessment of their Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Numeracy skills. In preparing students for the online version of the assessment, parents can complement the school programme of familiarising students with the test environment, and give them further practice with using internet-connected devices.
Have a go at the public demonstration site to see what kinds of procedures and questions students work with during the tests.
For further information, your questions might be answered on the NAP support link: More information is also to be found in our document store.