SU QLD Chaplaincy Services provide spiritual, ethical, and personal support to school communities.  SU QLD is the largest employing authority for state school chaplains in Queensland employing chaplains across more than 850 schools.  Chaplains are present in schools at the invitation of the Principal, in consultation with the local community, and with the support of the P&C Association.  Bald Hills State School highly values the contributions made to our school community through the support of our Chaplaincy Service.

What does a School Chaplain do?

SU QLD School Chaplains are committed to promoting the social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of students through role modelling, mentoring, pastoral care and structured programs.  A School Chaplain is a safe person for young people to connect with at school providing a listening ear and caring presence.  Chaplains run positive activities and programs for students that assist in fostering supportive, caring school communities.

Our Chaplain complements  the work done by other school- based support staff through operating in the ‘promotion, prevention and early intervention’ space with students, rather than the ‘treatment and continuing care’ space inhabited by other helping professionals. Our Chaplain works closely with our school’s support team caring for students struggling with peer issues, bullying, school behavior, family issues and wellbeing concerns.  Issues that are more complex and serious are referred on to other professionals and specialists.

Will my child be involved?

Involvement with the School Chaplain is entirely voluntary and students/families choose whether or not they want to access the activities and support that is available. Parents & Carers are able to make a referral for a student to be supported by the Chaplain.  Parents will always be consulted if their student requires ongoing support by the Chaplain or participation in any program or group involving spiritual or ethical content.  Parents have the right to refuse permission for their child to be involved in any Chaplaincy activity or event.

How can I contact the Chaplain?

Our Chaplain, Mrs Kylie Conomos  is available Monday to Wednesday of each week and every second Thursday (even weeks of term). Appointments can be made through the school office on 3869 5555 or via email on
Some of the programs run by the Chaplaincy Service at BHSS are
Pastoral Care sessions – Individual & Small Groups

  • “Chappy Chums” Mentoring Program
  • Breakfast Club - Tuesday’s 8am Tuckshop area – all welcome
  • Chappy Chill Out Friendship Club – Tuesdays’ 2nd break
  • SUPA club – Wednesday’s 2nd break – Yrs 4-6
  • Group Programs – Grief/Loss/Friendship/Self-esteem/Resilience
  • Hampers of Hope – gift packs made from donations of non-perishable grocery items
  • Freezer Meals/Lunch Packs/ Uniform & Resource Assistance – as needs arise
  • Family BBQ & Disco (Term 1&3)
  • Christmas Service (Term 4)

The School Principal, Mr Glen Robertson, can be contacted to discuss any issues relating to the Chaplaincy Service on 3869 5555. For more information about SU QLD and School Chaplaincy go to  


Kylie Conomos | Chaplain

Bald Hills State School

It takes a village to raise a child

It really does take the existence of a healthy, functional ‘village’ to bring out the best in our children and young people. School chaplains are well placed to connect children and young people with positive people and organisations in the community; to contribute to supportive school environments that encourage learning and wellbeing; and to collaborate with others to promote strong communities that are responsive to the needs and goals of young people.
For more information about SU QLD and Chaplaincy go to


Last reviewed 03 October 2019
Last updated 03 October 2019